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Connection + Clarity

From the very moment we begin working together, you will feel deeply supported as we focus solely on you and what you desire for yourself. Together we will explore what is coming up for you during this time of uncertainty, how your past has shaped you and design a plan moving forward that yields the results you deserve.

These sessions are the ultimate in personal development, self-care and healing. In choosing to work with me, you’ll feel a deep level of support and nourishment as we navigate through your challenges from the inside out.

From my experience, there are distinct stages a client moves through as we journey together.

Reflection and Digestion: This is where we take some time to reflect on your past and gain a really clear understanding of who you are at the core and how your upbringing has contributed to where you find yourself today. Often, we never give ourselves the gift of reflection and a chance to really understand ourselves. This process can create incredible connection and deep compassion for self and indeed others, preparing you beautifully for the next stage.

Heal and evolve: Having gained clarity and taken the necessary time to process your past and understand yourself a little better, you have now cleared the space for healing and upgrading. It’s here we work on clearing any consuming feelings such as grief, sadness, guilt, shame and upgrade the unconscious patterns and systems you operate from. Many of us are operating from very outdated versions of ourselves that no longer serve us and can negatively impact our relationships. It is in this phase you begin to feel more whole, less triggered, more confident and more adequately equipped with internal resources, allowing you to move through life from a platform of empowerment with more ease and joy.

Embody and design: As we enter the final phase, you are now very clear on what you want and the decisions you make about your life and family are unapologetic and come from that deep place of authenticity and truth within you. You’ve embodied an unshakable trust and respect for yourself and know without question you have all you need within you to design what’s next for you. It is here I help you put together the vital elements as you step fully into design mode for the upcoming chapters of your life.

So if you’re done going around in circles, feeling more and more frustrated and hopeless, let’s chat.

$180/1.5 hr session Via Zoom

$200/1.5hr session Face to Face

It would be such an honour to walk beside you as you heal, grow and evolve into the woman and mother you want to be.

Reclaim Your Voice

Reclaim your voice and begin to unashamedly speak up and honour your needs as a woman, Wife and Mother with respect and grace.

Free Expectations

Help unravel you from family entanglements so you are free to be your own unique individual, without the heaviness or burden of others expectations and unreasonable demands.

I Can Help You

Honour Who You Are

Truly honour and respect your empathic, sensitive nature. Having this beautiful nature is such a gift to those around you and the world at large however also being such a strong capable woman can often mean these softer, more feminine elements become rejected and buried within you.

Develop Self Care Ritual

Manage your energy, nurture and sustain yourself, recover from burnout and prevent it in the future.

Create Space

Unlock and release the elements in your life’s story that are still holding you back so you are free to design the upcoming chapters with a sense of freedom, ease and sweet anticipation.

Trust Your Ability

Get back in the drivers seat of your life, knowing you have deep trust in your ability to navigate instead of feeling like your hopelessly running behind the car, unable to even get in!

Words of Gratitude

After recently completing 6 one on one coaching sessions with Karina, I am totally amazed about my new found understanding about myself and the calm feeling I now have. Karina’s background knowledge and understanding, enables each session to flow freely and easily. Her trust, guidance and understanding to situations are AMAZING! In each session I always felt that Karina was fully focused on our discussions and dedicated to truly helping me to achieve the best outcome from each session. With her guidance I have been able to create new goals to work on in my daily life, form new beliefs about my inner being and develop a new found understanding of myself and why I perhaps do or don’t do certain things. Karina had a terrific ability to guide me back to a specific time in my life that perhaps was pivotal to a belief I had held on to, sometimes for many years that I wanted to be able to change. Karina’s guidance has given me a fabulous foundation with what to work from to move forward, develop from and achieve my future goals. I ALWAYS felt Karina was non-judgemental, I could openly talk to her about issues that were close to my heart and knew what I was saying would be kept totally confidential. I HIGHLY recommend Karina. Thank you Karina, for all your support and commitment to myself.


Mother of 2, Melbourne, Australia

I have spent years studying and teaching personal development and leadership – all I can say is, Karina’s process works! My sessions with Karina have been profoundly transformative.

Kurt Hegetschweiler

Father of 4, Sydney, Australia

Karina is one of the most nurturing and supportive people I’ve had the opportunity to connect with. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to step into a life of wholeness and abundance.

Alicia Penhorwood

Sydney, Australia

My wife and I attended Karina’s 8 week P.E.T course two months prior to the arrival of our first child. I guess this is a little ‘chicken before the egg’, but looking back I see just how important it was in preparing me for becoming a father. Firstly, Karina has a such a great presence and energy. I was really impressed with her ability to make the course content ‘real’ through well delivered examples, as well as creating an environment in which participants felt comfortable to share.

The course encouraged my wife and I to open communication about the type of values, beliefs and style of parenting we believed right for our family. P.E.T itself is pretty amazing, both in its psychology and practical techniques. Insight provided in areas such as listening, self care, problem solving, acceptance and relationship patterns will definitely help me be a better father (and husband) now and in the years to come. Thank you Karina.

Mark Evans

Father, Sydney, Australia

Working with Karina has been one of the most positive, proactive, empowering and successful processes I have taken in recent years and I cannot recommend her highly enough. I can remember sitting on the decision to contact her for 12mths and regularly checking in to see the recent testimonials. I was in the immediate aftermath of a massive trauma in my life and had been seeing a more traditional therapist but felt that I had plateaued and wanted a more proactive approach to my recovery. I finally bit the bullet and rang her when an old wound flared up and I felt I was in desperate need of some tools and skills to help me stand on my own two feet and weather the storms as they arose without completely falling apart. I can say, without reservation, that I found that with Karina. I always felt safe with her, which was surprising considering how personal the things we were talking about were. I was never judged, she met me with 100% empathy and understanding at every step. But more than that she structured our sessions so that I could move past where I was at and make real inroads to my recovery and my life. I loved that after our first session she had a plan for me, she was going to be gently guiding me through a series of sessions that she felt would benefit me to achieve my goals. I was always in control and if I needed to veer off course one week because something had arisen then that’s what we’d do (and did do), but having someone else take the reins for a bit was such a welcome change, and it was easy to do because she had built trust with me. Before I even realised I was feeling differently about things that would previously have completely unhinged me, and not just on the surface, at a subconscious level. I don’t feel like a different person as a result but I feel like a much better, stronger version of the same person, and I like that. I will continue to keep Karina in my life and feel so at peace having her in my corner.

Kate Skinner

Mother of 2, Sydney, Australia

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