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Conversations That Matter

Conversations That Matter

I got pretty good at numbing the pain. My chosen collaborators and I worked pretty effectively most of the time. I was able to remain ‘undercover’ pretty consistently. My number 1 collaborator at the time was the wine. She gave me something to look forward to most...

Listen to me Mumma

Listen to me Mumma

As I continued to lay next to my 9 yr old daughter, wiping her tears as they fell slowly from her eyes, listen as her post cry breathing started to regulate and her body start to soften, I realised more so than ever before, the importance of holding space....

Her Voice. Her Truth

Her Voice. Her Truth

I remember sitting under the piano with my doll while she sang. It was magnificent old black Beale. Every Friday morning I would go along and bear witness to her magnificent voice. Un bridled, soul deep and unique to her. My grandmother’s singing teacher was an older...

Podcast Guest Appearances

Podcast: Soulful Pep Talks

Podcast: Soulful Pep Talks

In this podcast I had an opportunity to digest 2018 with Prue from The Zen Collective and get raw and real about the impact of people pleasing and rarely speaking up for my needs has had on my life and in particular my marriage. My move to Sydney has been a platform...

Parenting & Family Communication


Shelf Love

Books that have supported me through my journey of healing and self love. To learn new ways of being beyond the doing and witness what arises from within.

Tears & Tantrums

by Aletha J. Solter, Ph.D

Not knowing how to manage our children in times of high emotion is one of the biggest concerns for parents.

Having thoroughly researched the psychological and emotional needs of children for many years, I hold Aletha Solter’s work in very high regard.

She has written 5 books and Tears and Tantrums, I feel is the corner stone of her work.

The Leader Who Had No Title

by Robin Sharma

In order for us to be great leaders of our family, we must first learn to be great leaders of ourselves.

In his book, Robin shares very simple frameworks to align with in order to really embody the leader within you.

Written in a very unique story telling style, you’ll find yourself fully immersed as if you are right there learning the incredible lessons alongside the main character.

Resilient Grieving

by Dr Lucy Home

Many of the parents I work with are moving through a time of transition. Often this period in their lives involves making the decision to separate from a spouse.

Whilst this is s a very personal journey through Lucy’s own devastating loss, the practical, research based guide to finding your own path to recovery from devastating loss is nourishing and authentic.

The Disease To Please

by Harriet B. Braiker, Ph.D

As a recovering people pleaser, I know all too well, the crippling effect this type of patterning has on the individual.

Quite simply this book has been a game changer for my self and many of my clients.

The author both helps the reader to understand the un resourceful patterning and where it may have begun for you and wonderful practical tips on how to begin to live a life free of the need to please others to the detriment of yourself.

The Empath’s

Survival Guide

by Judith Orioff, MD

If you consider yourself a sensitive person who feels others joy and pain deeply but are  often exhausted, overwhelmed and feeling like you should be able to cope with life more effectively, this book is for you.

Judith helps you navigate setting healthy boundaries and recognising your sensitivity as the gift it truly is.

This is an invaluable resource for empaths and anyone who wants to nurture their sensitive nature and develop coping skills in a high stimulus world.

The Mask Of Masculinity

by Lewis Howes

Having worked with many Dad’s and being married to my husband for over 14yrs now I understand the battle men have with embracing vulnerability.

All sorts of factors contribute to Men feeling like they need to wear a mask to protect themselves within their relationships, friendships, work environment and recreational pursuits. Great resource for both Men and Women.


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