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For most of us there comes a time in our life where we say enough is enough.

That moment in time when we can no longer push down or ignore those deep feelings of discontent. Or maybe what’s happening for you is that you’re simply choosing not to anymore?

You’re ready to get honest with yourself and invest in the support you need to create the changes you desire for yourself.

Being a Mother doesn’t mean we have to relinquish what brings us joy, what keeps our inner pilot light burning, what inspires us.  Motherhood is far from being an all or nothing gig. Learning to surrender to it’s messy mishmash of interwoven creativity with structure, fun with discipline, fantasy with focus, messiness with tidiness and everything else in between, means we embrace our ability to be flexible.

Our ability to be flexible and curious to new ways of being and doing life, opens us up to possibilities. Possibilities mean options. When we know we have options, we feel expanded and inspired. Inspired to nourish and explore the parts of us that make us whole. To make things better for ourselves and our family. To look beyond the daily grind.

Yes, we are Mothers but we are also Women, Sisters, Friends, lovers, wives, writers, bookworms, dancers, entrepreneur, humanitarians, fitness freaks, photographers, cooks, teachers and students who sometimes lose our way. One thing is for sure, we are never alone on the journey.

Let’s stoke that fire of yours and bring back the joy! Find out more here

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