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Honour Your Needs

Deciding to honour your needs and give yourself the gift of working one on one with a therapist is an incredibly rewarding process that needs your prior care and consideration.

In my experience a number of critical elements must be aligned for your transformation and healing to take place.

  1. Strong rapport with your chosen therapist.  Deep trust and rapport with the person you choose to walk beside you on your healing journey is crucial to making the changes you want for yourself and your family. Before I agree to work with you, we will have a conversation to assess our suitability. Sometimes, not often, for one reason or another we are not a match and I will refer you onto someone who can better serve your needs. Most often though it’s a big fat YES and we set up a time to get started!!
  1. Your willingness to take responsibility for your own results.  My role as a guide and facilitator provides the platform and space for you to create the results your seeking. I don’t heal anyone. I don’t fix anyone. The answers lie within you. My job is to ask great questions, be a safe sounding board and utilise specialist techniques that connect you with your unconscious mind and higher self to effortlessly access what you need with the support of divine timing.
  1. Environment suitable for healing. It’s important for you to feel comfortable and supported in an environment conducive to healing and growth. I take deep pride in how I set up the consultation space for my clients, knowing this matters. When I consult over the phone or via Zoom it’s important to set up a comfortable environment where you won’t be interrupted during the session.
  1. Give it time. The old saying ‘anything worth doing takes time’ is so true. For most of us there are many layers to the challenges we’re facing. Those layers having been built up over your whole life time and possibly previous life times. Whilst big energy shifts frequently happen and wonderful results follow, it’s important to be grounded in your expectations around change. There are no magic pills or quick fixes when it comes to this sort of work. The women I work with are typically with me for a minimum of three months and the changes they create for themselves are deep and sustainable.
  1. Maintaining Regular appointments. The clients who have achieved their outcomes are the ones who showed up each week.  When we begin working together we will set weekly sessions that then move to fortnightly and maintenance sessions when needed. Rather than having a set program schedule, I prefer to tailor the sessions to your individual requirements.

Each session runs for 1.5hrs and on occasions 2hrs

  1. The healing modality. Choosing a modality or type of therapy to assist your reaching your outcomes is a very personal choice. There is no right or wrong, good or bad. What I will say is, whatever modality or combination of modalities you choose, you should be seeing yourself, others and the world in a more positive light and feeling much better than you did before you began.  I’ve heard of people being in therapy for years and making no or minimal progress. That’s certainly not how I roll! I will be regularly checking in with you to make sure we are on track with your desired outcomes. I use a combination of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Matrix Therapy and other researched based tools to assist with your healing, growth and desired outcomes.


How I Practice


NLP – NLP offers techniques and processes that allow change on the deeper unconscious level, giving you lasting, effective and beneficial results.

As you strategically begin to realign your ideas, thoughts and language, new neurological pathways are created allowing you to effortlessly embrace new and improved ways of interpreting your world and your life.

Ultimately when we know better we can do better. NLP offers you a way to deliberately use your brain to have the life and relationships you desire.

Matrix Therapies – Matrix therapies is based on the concept that is important to clear negative emotions and beliefs that surround events from the past, in order to change behavioural patterns in the future. There are a number of emotional techniques that help people with past negative emotions and beliefs. What makes Matrix Therapies different is its ability to clear complex structures of emotions and beliefs at the one time. Matrix Therapies also focuses on complex programming that we adopted from our parents, which may be limiting your potential with regard to career, money and relationships. It’s surprising just how many of our parents habits and beliefs are embedded in our unconscious mind that affect our everyday behaviours and decisions.


I am ready to say YES to myself, YES to support, YES to transformation


Reclaim Your Voice

Reclaim your voice and begin to unashamedly speak up and honour your needs as a woman, Wife and Mother with respect and grace.

Free Expectations

Help unravel you from family entanglements so you are free to be your own unique individual, without the heaviness or burden of others expectations and unreasonable demands.

Identify Needs

Know what your children need from you for optimal emotional growth and development and how to begin feeling incredibly proud of your parenting.

I Can Help You

Honour Who You Are

Truly honour and respect your empathic, sensitive nature. Having this beautiful nature is such a gift to those around you and the world at large however also being such a strong capable woman can often mean these softer, more feminine elements become rejected and buried within you.

Develop Self Care Ritual

Manage your energy, nurture and sustain yourself, recover from burnout and prevent it in the future.

Create Space

Unlock and release the elements in your life’s story that are still holding you back so you are free to design the upcoming chapters with a sense of freedom, ease and sweet anticipation.

Trust Your Ability

Get back in the drivers seat of your life, knowing you have deep trust in your ability to navigate instead of feeling like your hopelessly running behind the car, unable to even get in!


Provide you with incredible family communication resources and evidence based parenting hacks to give you structure and reliable systems within your household.

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